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The Mercy:

Angel of Death

Survivors are turning up dead. Who will be next?

Together they survived a terrible event. Ten years ago Angel and Olivia were captives in a place called the Dollhouse. They got out alive; others did not. 

Now, Angel trains psychological service dogs. Olivia is a beloved author and talk-show host. They’re part of Komorebi, a private "club" of people who survived long-term captivity. Peter Baden created Komorebi to support families like his. Komorebi has two goals: to help loved ones living through the unthinkable and to help victims after recovery. 
From the outside, these survivors have succeeded at creating satisfying lives. But not everything is as it seems. There are secrets everywhere. Unrequited love, custody battles, and revenge are just the beginning. 

People like them – their friends - are turning up dead. 

Can Angel and Olivia fight through the weight of their past to live the lives they deserve?

COMING MAY 1, 2022

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