the dollhouse novel by sara ennis

The Dollhouse: A psychological thriller

​A young brother and sister struggle to escape the disturbed people who kidnapped them—and rescue a third captive, who’s been there more than a year…

Aside from being twins, Angel and Bud are typical 14-year-olds—until they’re abducted in broad daylight, and locked in a basement their captors call the Dollhouse.


Their only visitors are the people who took them: Jennifer is high-strung, but tries in her own way to be nurturing. Alfred has a twisted sense of humor and a violent temper that explodes when things don’t go his way – and sometimes when they do. Angel and Bud soon discover they're not the only "Dolls" in this twisted place. 

The teens are forced to re-stage old photographs from Alfred’s unhappy childhood. Alfred is convinced that if they do this well, he’ll become happy and normal. But they've seen the photo album—

And the final picture is the most terrifying yet …

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