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Why do people do the things they do?

Let's explore the psychology of violence

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Small Gods

Friendships are tested, secrets revealed, and darkness exposed when the perfect island getaway becomes a fight for survival.

In this heart-pounding thriller, the allure of a private island turns into a nightmare of survival for five best friends.

The GGs, inseparable since their university days, have been looking forward to celebrating their 40th birthdays on a luxurious private island, far removed from their daily responsibilities. In an architectural marvel overlooking the Salish Sea, with every need taken care of, it seems like paradise on Earth – a dreamy escape from their busy lives.

But the island's isolated beauty is not the peaceful haven they believe it to be. A group of radicals are intent on using the GG’s celebration for their own agenda. This dark team is driven by misplaced rage, bitterness, and a twisted ideology fueled by their hatred against women. They are proud members of the manosphere.

As night falls, the island transforms into their sinister playground, and the friends find themselves caught in a deadly game. Cut off from the mainland, they must rely on their wits, resilience, and the strength of their bond to survive the harrowing onslaught that follows.

Escaping their relentless pursuers is just the beginning. To thwart the monsters, they must unearth hidden truths, confront their deepest fears, and work together to outsmart their adversaries.

Small Gods is a gripping tale of loyalty and courage, where friendships are tested, and the battle for survival takes on an entirely new meaning. Prepare to be seized by this heart-stopping page-turner that delves into the minds of those who sow hatred and the indomitable strength of friendship that dares to defy the shadows.

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