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Who is this Sara chick?
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I am a rare human (of my generation): A person born and raised in LA. 


I moved to Iowa 20 years ago, of my own volition. Some might say I was running away, but I believe I was running toward.


I have worked in a number of industries: investment banking, commercial real estate, legal, nonprofits, financial & insurance services - and I've owned 3 companies of my own including a national pet food brand.


I'm an animal lover (no surprise there - most writers are). I like the special ones. My last furboy was a paralyzed pit bull. My current furgirl is Charlie, a blind ball-obsessed Aussie/ husky/ GSD mix. She is in charge of the newsletter! 


If I am ever "rich," I want to open a writers & artists retreat in Colorado, where creative types can live & work in exchange for caring for special needs & hospice animals. There might also be a nursery on the land. Gotta make a profit to run the joint. Wink wink.


The first book I sent to agents was a romantic comedy. I got great feedback: I "do" funny well, and I "do" - er, write - sex well, but not so great with the "romance" bits. Message received. Now I write about what makes some people so... scary. 


Things I don't like: having my picture taken, pizza, beer or ice cream.
Things I do like: thunder, sushi, tequila and cherries. 

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