Works in Process

The Hunted:

Sins of the Father

Not comfortable staying in one place for long, seventeen-year-old Angel rides shotgun with a feisty Latina truck driver named Chickee Boom—CB to friends. When Angel finds a badly injured young woman in a truck stop bathroom, she wants to call the police. But the girl says it was a man dressed as a sheriff who picked up Emily and her best friend Harper at a Texas rest stop. Instead of helping the women, he drove them to a ranch, threw them in cages, tortured them, and then released Em onto his land to be hunted like an animal. She escaped -- barely. Harper is still trapped on the ranch, but is she alive? They're in a race to save her before it's too late.


The Mercy:

Angel of Death

Someone is murdering survivors of long-term abductions and evidence found at the scenes points to Angel. Is someone setting her up, or did she finally crack under the weight of her past?


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